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“The Search for
Founding Black Mothers"

 A NEH Institutes Program


The Project:

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This institute was held by Morgan State University and held entirely virtually, endeavors to take educators who teach grades 6-12 on a 4-week interactive, interdisciplinary search through literature and multiple archives in order to reckon with curricular and historical erasures of Black women. The Search is a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary journey across the Humanities, inclusive of History, Literature, Politics, Gender Studies, Arts, Geography, Archeology, Archiving, and Digital Media storytelling. Learning about The Search will expose educators to various methods of creative inquiry, close investigation, collaboration, and knowledge curation in the classroom.

The Search for Founding Black Mothers seeks to illuminate the under-represented contributions of Black women, as individuals and their collective agency that directly shaped our nation. Black women are often called the backbone of our democracy, however their legacy and foundational contributions to America remain unexplored or omitted in K-12 textbooks, materials, and classrooms.

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"The Search"
Documentary Film 

 The Search forFounding Black Mothers
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PreK-5th grade

6th-8th grade

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